This component is mainly designed to raise the awareness as well as build capacity of government officials-Wereda, Zone, town, Regional and Federal levels, judges and prosecutors, land administration personnel, natural resources management personnel, and the wider mass, about the impacts of environmental degradation, deforestation, industrial pollution, waste and climate change. This fraction of the organization also focuses on assisting individuals whose rights to a clean environment and access to natural resources have been affected.  Under this component, trainings, workshops, seminars, counsels and representation, and experience sharing are the core activities that will be undertaken.

One of our main missions is Supporting public interest litigation initiated and carried out by the organization itself, or other partners. Our advocacy and promotional unit that has the purpose of offering legal aid, consultancy and legal representations for issues related to the environment and natural resources.  Eco-Justice Ethiopia plans to bring environmental laws to courts all over the country. So far judicial interpretation and application of these laws are slim to none in most parts of the country.

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