Eco-Justice Ethiopia plans to undertake researches focused on the legal dimensions of the environment, climate, ecosystem, and natural resources management. Furthermore, it provides on demand consultative services to diverse stakeholders.

The notion of environmental justice, in part reflecting its roots in a social movement, has been subject to low interrogation and definitional precision. The way in which it has been deployed has been more of an instinctive reaction, than as a closely argued concept. Hence, these researches will be geared towards supplying substantive bases for all other core activities of our organization. As part of the research activities, Eco-Justice Ethiopia will conduct preliminary surveys (baseline surveys), study institutional responses among other topics on environment, climate, ecosystems and natural resources, with the purpose of examining present ground conditions and point ways forward. For what’s more, these researches will be serving as baseline surveys and needed assessments that will be used at an initial step. Following researches, a workshop will be conducted to communicate findings to various stakeholders and potential partners that will be joining in implementing the recommendations.

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