The organization plans to prepare training manuals and organize trainings for at least one city per year, on environmental rights and responsibilities. The target groups for the training will be individuals from members of the general public and for those working as zonal desk officers, judges, public prosecutors, environment protectors and land administration experts.

Experience Sharing

With regard to promotional activities, visits will be made to federal, regional, inter-governmental, local administrations, universities, and other relevant institutions. Such activities are aimed at:

  1. Creating cooperative networks
  2. Experience sharing
  3. Collection of key resource materials
  4. Promotion of the organization and its activities
  5. Invitation and call for utilization of the services offered by the organization
  6. Gathering of general information as to the conditions of the environment, as well as the issues, laws, institutions related to natural resources.

A national workshop related to this will accordingly be organized. In such workshops, presentations and explanations will be provided in view of increasing awareness and enhancing the support and active participation-of the stakeholders as primary actors and implementers of our organization’s activities.

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